Custom Earmolds

It is important to protect your ears whether you have perfect hearing or current hearing loss. Custom earmolds products are the best way to shield your ears from loud sounds and keep them healthy. Our custom products include:

Swim molds
Custom made silicone swim molds are the best way to keep water out of the ears and prevent outer ear infections (known as swimmer's ear). Swim molds come in fun colors and are comfortable to wear. They work great for kids who have recurrent swimmer's ear, who have had pressure equalization (PE) tubes placed by their doctor, or who currently have holes in their ear drums.

Ear Plugs
There are many types of custom earmolds for every type of noise exposure. Whether you are a hunter, motorcyclist, musician, water sport enthusiast, construction worker, wood worker, or just need a good night's sleep we have custom earmolds to fit your needs.

Hunter's Ear Plugs
There is a wide range of hearing protection technology designed for gun enthusiasts or the defense sector. Passive technology is ideal for those who shoot one shot at a time such as large game hunters. Active technology serves those who shoot in succession such as duck hunting, skeet shooting, or target practice. Please call us and allow us to find the best protection for your ears. Your hearing is important, make sure you defend it!

Some of our products include:


Westone DefendEar Digital 1

The Digital 1 provides a single mode of operation for excellent all-around noise suppression, wind noise reduction, and ambient amplification for a variety of shooting environments. The Digital 1 has an NRR of 26.

Westone DefendEar Digital 2

The Digital 2 offers two programs that can be accessed by pressing a button. These two programs are: Game Mode that suppresses intermittent gunshots while amplifying ambient sound for communication and environmental awareness and Clay Mode which is optimized for suppressing continuous gunshots, allowing more flexible noise suppression while still amplifying ambient sounds. The Digital 2 has an NRR of 26.

Westone DefendEar Digital Hunter

The Digital Hunter offers two programs that can be accessed by pressing a button. These two programs are: Normal Mode which provides gunshot noise suppression and ambient sound amplification for communication and environmental awareness and Wind Reduction Mode which increases the amount of wind noise suppression, ideal for open field hunting and other severe conditions. The DefendEar Digital Hunter has an NRR of 26.


Custom Monitors

If you are a musician, you don't need to sacrifice your ability to hear your music or your fellow musicians. Custom monitors give you the high-quality sound you need to hear yet help protect your ears from too much noise exposure. It's the best of both worlds. For more information about the monitors we offer, visit the manufacturer's website at