Get treated, NOT tricked!

I don’t want to be TRICKed into paying too much for a hearing aid! OR…how do I know that I’m being TREATed fairly?

Shopping for hearing aids can be spooky. The purchase of hearing aids is a major financial investment, and everyone wants to get the most from their dollar. So, how do you know you are getting the best deal?

Hearing aids are only as good as the person doing the fitting:
How long has the person fitting your hearing aid been working with people with hearing loss? What is their training? Will you see the same person for follow ups?

Know what you are buying:
All hearing aids look the same on the is the level of technology (the computer chip) on the inside that matters. The major brand name hearing aid you see in the case of the big box store might look the same on the outside, but that does not mean that it is the same hearing aid dispensed in our office. This is important to know, because technology levels will differ greatly in price as well as performance. You will also want to know if another hearing aid specialist can make adjustments, or if it is “locked” with proprietary software. If so, what if you move or choose to seek services elsewhere?

What is included with your purchase?
Does the purchase price include the fitting fee? What about follow-up visits and adjustments? How many or for how long? Does it include accessories? What kind of warranty and for how long? Are batteries included?

How easy is it to schedule a follow up visit or repair?  Does the office maintain regular hours? Do you have to maintain a club membership to be seen? How long do you have to wait to be seen if you need an adjustment or a repair?

Is it really a discount?
Rather than paying a monetary benefit, many insurance companies say that you can get a hearing aid from their special “discount program”, and fit by an Audiologist who “sells the same hearing aid for more”. This sounds like a great deal (pun intended) until you do the “discount math”. The limited service plan, warranty length, and accessories purchased a la carte, often mean that you are paying much more out of pocket for services over the life of the hearing aid, than you would if you purchased the bundled hearing aid plan that our office offers.

Do you dare to compare? (I hope so!)
Here at Family Hearing Practice, you will be seen by the same Audiologist that did your fitting, for all of your follow up appointments. We do not lock out other providers from our hearing aids. If you should move from our area, or need services while on vacation, other Audiologists will be able to read and service them. Our office price bundles our hearing aids in packages to include everything you need. When we offer to unbundle our packages to meet the “discounted price”, and match the discounted service plan, well….our patients generally do the math and select our bundled pricing as the better value. We also offer a variety of price points to meet each patient’s need.

How will you be treated?
We are called Family Hearing Practice, because our patients are treated like family! We are a service oriented practice where you can expect consistent office hours six days per week, friendly office staff, follow up care, and no sales pressure.

Happy Halloween!

Sherri-Lynn Wiedermann, M.S., CCC~A