How can I extend the life of my hearing aids?

Everyone wants to get the most from their money. So how do I get the most from my hearing aids? The most important thing you can do to extend the life of your hearing aids and reduce the need for repairs is to keep them dry and free of earwax and skin debris.

How to Clean:

Every night when you remove your hearing aids, wipe them down with a clean dry cloth. Don’t use a moist cloth unless it is one made specifically to clean hearing aids (we will discuss those later). A lotion free tissue or a fabric handkerchief work well. If your cleaning kit included a brush, gently sweep over the microphone ports located on the top of the hearing aid to grab and remove any debris that may be causing clogs. Use the loop end to gently remove any wax that may have entered the dome or earmold. Just be careful! You don’t want to cause tiny tears or stick it into the receiver. Inspect and change the wax trap as needed. If it gets full often, you may need a more aggressive cleaning method. But, no worries! A clogged wax trap means it is doing its job. If you produce a sticky earwax that is difficult to remove from your domes/earmold, you may want to use a hearing aid cleansing spray or use wipes that already have the cleanser added. These help clean the hearing aid and dissolve the earwax. (All of these items are available for purchase in our hearing aid care boutique).

Finally, store your hearing aids in a drying kit with a replaceable desiccant capsule. (Remove the batteries first). If your hearing aids are exposed to excessive amounts of moisture a great option is the Perfect Dry Lux, an electric drying kit with a built in UV-C for disinfection. For those who produce high levels of earwax, skin debris, perspiration, or just for someone who wants to give their hearing aids the spa treatment, The Perfect Clean soaks your hearing aids in a solution that dissolves earwax and removes debris, uses a UV-C light for disinfection, and runs through a cycle of dehumidification. Think of it as a miniature “car wash” for your hearing instruments.

We can’t always avoid the need for repairs, but by taking the time to properly care for your hearing instruments, they will be able to work to their maximum efficiency. As always, if you are experiencing problems with your hearing aids, we are here to help you with our new, expanded office hours.

~Sherri-Lynn Wiedermann, M.S., CCC-A